Coaching Packages

Discover Session- $99.00

This 45-minute session will uncover the 5 myths of loss. We will discover your 5 top strengths to help build upon your coping strategies and resilience muscle so that you feel more at peace, more grounded and more confident within yourself. I will also provide you with a free gift to help further support you. Let’s focus on your strengths and get you on your road to your recovery.

Recover Package- 4 Sessions- $500.00

Imagine not bursting into tears at every turn and feeling overwhelmed and full of fear, uncertainty and sadness. INSTEAD you are being heard and fully supported and you are learning to take good care of yourself, all the while honouring the pain of your loss so that you feel more at peace, more grounded, supported and in control with hope in your heart.

The recover package consists of 4 1- hour sessions over 4 weeks. It aims to identify where you are at and how you are feeling and coping after your loss. We will develop, support and implement your own unique comprehensive self- care plan which will aim to strengthen your coping strategies, build upon your resilience muscle so that you feel more centred and more at peace within yourself. We will also discover and adopt mindfulness practices that resonate specifically with you so to help with all the feelings that come up associated with your loss. Let’s work together to feel more confident and at peace so that you feel hopeful and find your joy again.

Bloom Package- 12 Sessions- $1500.00

French author Anais Nin wrote; “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Imagine waking up in the morning after a restful uninterrupted sleep and pulling back the curtain to greet the light and warmth in. You are finally feeling at peace with joy and fullness in your heart again after all the pain of your loss. You finally feel stronger, more like yourself, you have found your joy again, your purpose. You have found your way back home to you… You thought you may never get here. But you did…You are home.

The Bloom Package is a 3-step process which aims to support you to recover, discover and reclaim your life after loss. There are 12 sessions in total. The first step will be to support you through your grief by hearing your story and honouring your pain. We will aim to strengthen your coping strategies and build upon your resilience muscle. We will develop your own unique self- care plan and integrate mindfulness practices that will help with all the feelings that come up during this time. The second step will aim to help you discover and explore your new voyage and find your joy again, full of hope, purpose and meaning. This is done through setting small goals and taking small action steps forward. We will also support and challenge any emotional triggers or limiting beliefs through specific coaching techniques that may come up and cause you to feel overwhelmed and/or frozen so that you may enter into the third step of the process of reclaiming your life after your loss. Step 3 implements in the real world all you have learned, discovered and explored about yourself in the previous 2 steps so that you may start and enter your new chapter feeling stronger, at peace with joy and fullness in your heart.


Ellen is a ray of light. Her wisdom and thoughtful way helped me start on a different path away from my old path which was destructive but very familiar and it kept me stuck and feeling depressed and miserable. I thank Ellen greatly as she helped me work out a new direction with new confidence. I was able to share my deepest fears, failures and insecurities without judgement. I felt safe to work out what was right for me. I am now more confident and have the courage to trust myself to achieve where I want to be in my life. I thank Ellen from the deepest place in my heart for her guidance, for listening and for providing me the tools to help myself.

Christine - NSW