A Personal Coach’s Experience With Life’s Challenges

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My Story

When I sat down to write about my story. I didn’t know where to begin, after all coaching is all about you not me. But then I felt if I shared my story it would help our journey together on your voyage. I have endured the great pain of loss and my deepest wounds have led me here to support you.

I know the pain of losing the people you love the most in this world, through death, divorce and the ending of cherished relationships and all the dreams that came along with them. The loss of financial security and losing my home, a business, friendships, beloved pets and my identity. It is an overwhelming feeling and I was full of shame and sadness. I was lost. Grief and loss can be all consuming. A perpetual state of being alone in a dark room with no door or light or oxygen. Feeling frozen in one spot and not knowing what to do or where to go to move forward from that trapped state of being. I am here to tell you that there is life after loss. It actually creates an unbelievable amount of space to let light and life enter in again. What feels empty and full of despair is life’s new home full of new beginnings for you to create. It is possible to build a new life from the inside out. I know because I have lived it.

As your coach, I will hold a space for you and lend you my ear and I will listen deeply to you as you truly know how to create forward momentum in your life after loss. I will support you to reconnect to your positive coping strategies and your inner strengths so you may find your way back home to you. Together we will challenge any thoughts that may be keeping you stuck, identify your true potential and we will explore various ways to restore forward motion to your life. It is a privilege for me to be beside you on your voyage from loss to living. Let’s begin.