Resilience, Innate Quality or a Learned Skill

I wanted to share with you a fable that embodies resilience.

There once was an old mighty oak tree and a whispering willow. The mighty oak fought and resisted the storm with all his might and was broken……

But the whispering willow bent and swayed when it must…..and survived.

After we have experienced the pain of loss, we may find ourselves fighting and resisting this unwanted change in our lives. But by doing so only perpetuates the pain and delays the healing process of our wounds. It keeps us frozen in time.

Resilience is the ability to navigate these unexpected and unwanted changes through self- awareness, understanding and adaptation. It is the journey to the acceptance of your new reality. During our time together, we will explore the resilient mind set and how best it will be applied to you and your current situation. To work together to support you to keep a forward motion to acceptance and peace. To start your journey of self -evolution to recreate a new reality, a new life. What would that look and feel like for you?

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