Wordology is Your Biology

By Sherry Anshara

Believe it or not every word that has ever been said to us, and any words we have used in our lifetime, are stored in our bodies. It is called Cellular Memory, Memorization and Sounds. Our memory banks begin to store that information while we are developing in the womb. Currently scientists all over the world are researching and studying how the body uses short term and longer memory in the brain, in the organs, or throughout the body. As people began to receive heart transplant, articles were published stating that many recipients began to have cravings for food that prior to the transplant they did not like or eat, only to discover that the donor had enjoyed that particular food. This is definitely food for thought. Can this effect be a premise for the cellular memory theory?

From the experiences that I have had with my clients, I believe cellular memory is not just a theory, but an integral part of who we are. And this goes beyond just memory, but includes memorization and the sounds equated to each situation or condition that are experienced through a lifetime and lifetimes. Your memory, memorizations and sounds are segments of realities contained within your multiple dimensions of consciousness stored within your physical body at your cellular level.

So just consider the idea of all the words you speak on a daily basis. How do these words affect your daily life? How do the words affect the people to whom you are speaking? Since everything is energy or a form of it, your words are energy, and therefore your actions are the physical expressions of the energetics of your words. Your words are the molecules of your frequency and vibration. Your words are your sounds of consciousness. And your words emit the molecules of your energy and consciousness into the physical reality that you create from within you. There is nothing outside of you that you do not create from within yourself.

Everything about your words, your ideas, your thoughts, your belief systems, your views are simply your forms of the energy of your consciousness, even when they are coming from the unconscious levels of your consciousness From your words, the energy of your actions are then set into motion. If your thoughts or ideas are inappropriate, then your words are propelled into your physical world generated by the energy of these thoughts and ideas. Your days and your lifetime becomes activated through those inappropriate fields of your energy and consciousness.

The reality of your life becomes unproductive. Your energy is drained. When your thoughts or ideas are activated by appropriate words of consciousness, the energy of your body’s action is productive, uplifting and ‘energized’. This is just they way it is.

Therefore if Cellular Memory Memorization and Sound are all parts of our physical body of consciousness, then where exactly are they stored? They are stored at the cellular level, in all the cells of your body. The body is the intelligence and the intellect. The body never forgets. It has recorded all your information and experiences in your Time Continuum. The body remembers. The body is your information source and resource for change, healing and becoming healthy emotionally and spiritually. Your brain is your computer.

Your computer brain is not the source of your intellect or your intelligence for healing. Your Master Ego, your best teacher for your limited consciousness of Third Dimension runs your brain. Your brain only knows how to re-create different versions and variations of the same old limited consciousness. You cannot release your traumas, your dramas or heal yourself from your brain. Your brain cannot heal your body. Your body does the healing. Your body knows what to do.

Each day millions and millions, and millions of words of consciousness are emitted into the atmosphere of this planet. Although you may not hear every word spoken, your own body remembers the words that are spoken around you. Therefore begin to listen to yourself at your cellular level of consciousness. You body will reveal so much. Think about how many words you have spoken over your lifetime. Or how many words have been spoken to you.

You may or not be aware or understand from what level of consciousness these words become stored in your body, non the less they become and remain embedded in your body, laying unconscious until they are recalled by an experience or situation. At whatever level of consciousness they are recalled, affects your behavior, reaction or response to life. Your response may be prompted consciously or your reaction may be triggered from your unconsciousness. You may not know why you are being emotional. Or you may be completely aware of what is happening. It depends upon your level of self-awareness. Every one of the cells of your body is affected by the consciousness of these words, aware or not. Therefore, what you say, what you hear, and how you behave does have a vital impact on your health and your life every day. Your creative process is based upon your consciousness, even when you are unconscious.

As an exercise begin to write down the words you use, when we talk about yourself. Are they positive, affirming? , Or do the words label you are not deserving, or not worthy. Do your words honor you? Because how you label yourself is how you emit the energy of your consciousness. How your energy is expended has a definite correlation to the quality of your life. The words do stick to you, whether you are aware of them or not. Being aware is simply being conscious of what you create in your life through the use of your words will energize or debilitate your life. Give careful consideration to the words that you speak about yourself, to your family, your friends, your associates, your coworkers, and particularly the words you speak to your children.

When children are growing and learning, it is extremely important to be cognizant of the words that all of us direct to them. They do take in all the words. The words become part of their cellular memory, memorization and sounds. If an adult is having a ‘bad’ day, or out of sorts, taking it out on the child or children is not honoring the child nor the adult. They don’t have the experience or the knowledge to know how to deal with an angry adult, or to know that it really isn’t about them. They are simply the recipients of inappropriate consciousness and the energy emitted from it. They absorb the anger and they learn a very re-active behavioral pattern. It becomes part of their actions with other children, and they begin to re-act out that behavior throughout their lives. The pattern becomes set.

For example hearing those past words of anger, the adult becomes triggered by the Memory, Memorization and Sound of the anger in the present time. It may sound simplistic, it is. The actions, however, are not simplistic. The re-actions are triggered by the layers upon layers of anger energy that manifest in very inappropriate ways in the adult behavior. The anger becomes energized from the cellular level. The emotional trauma attached to the words rise to the surface in the adult body. The adult and the child within the adult feel powerless. At the body’s cellular level are the words that re-activated the anger. These words of cellular consciousness may be stored in the liver, the stomach, the intestines. As the anger energy builds over time, it will result in dis-ease, dysfunction and illness in the body.

Through the release of inappropriate Cellular Memory, Memorization and Sound, your body begins to heal. Through the re-activation of healthy Cellular Memory, Memorization and Sound, your body begins to heal. A winning combination for you to release and/or re-activate. You have choices and options to heal yourself.

All times of your experiences and lifetimes are stored in your body. The past, present and future are significant aspects of your Cellular Memory, Memorization and Sound. The word time when spelled backwards spells emit. How you emit your energy and the consciousness of your words throughout your life-time is the manifestation of your creativity. Whether appropriate or not, your words will tell you what you feel and say about yourself. Your words will either empower you or your will give your power away when you are unconscious to yourself. When you begin to become mindful of your words, you can make productive changes in your life. You can change your future. It is up to you. Your life does not have to be the reenactment of the past inappropriate words of consciousness that you learned and stored in your Cellular Memory, Memorization and Sound. You can release them. Your words can make a difference to your life.

Remember…your body holds your Memories, your Memorizations, and your Sounds. Your thoughts, your ideas, your belief systems, your perceptions as well as your imagination, your aspirations, and your goals are encapsulated within you at your cellular level, so be aware and consciousness of what words that you allow to be taken in to your body and to spoken out loud by you. What you create in your life is based upon the words you speak. You are the creator, the creativity, the creation, the activator, and the manifestation. What you speak, you will manifest.

It is just the way it is.

Here’s a great exercise to initiate a pro-active change. Change the words ‘need’ and ‘needy’ to require. Need and needy are words of lack. They are energy draining words. You do require to have the highest and best in your life, and saying that you require something then sets the energy into action in very affirming ways. Change the word ‘want’ and ‘wanty’ to desire. Want is another lack word, and is another very energy draining word. The word desire simply means ‘to sire’ or ‘to birth’ your requirement into your physical life in a very positive way. And the frosting on the cake is to absolutely, without a doubt, to know that you do deserve that which you require and desire in a very positive way. It works. It is the self-empowerment of pro-active doing.

Take the time to emit your energy from new cellular memory, new cellular action by being diligent, vigilant, and resilient with your words. Self -support your energy and you will create a life of doing, requiring, desiring and deserving through pro-active, self affirming and self-active words. Wordology is your Biology.

Content courtesy of Sherry Anshara

Copyright (c) 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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