How True Self Compassion Can Reduce Your Suffering After Loss.

When I talk about True Self Compassion, I am not speaking of bubble baths and spa treatments to help ease your suffering after your loss, although all these activities are positive actions that support your self- care and they will make you feel better. What I am talking about is the mindset and attitude of being truly kind to yourself to help you heal through your grief. This is achieved by focusing on the most important relationship in your life. The relationship with yourself. After loss and the transitions of our lives it is so important to nurture your inner self. To ask yourself everyday what is it you need to do to help ease your pain and suffering and what is it you need to help promote your healing. In addition to this be mindful of the thoughts you have, are they serving your healing or are these thoughts causing more pain and holding you back. During your own unique grieving process your needs will change so it is so helpful to check in with yourself on a regular basis. To stop and reflect and take stock of what you need to help support you. This is a fluid process and your experience is truly individual. You can heal from the inside out and learn to be your own best friend. During our time together in the recover package we will explore your own unique self -care plan to assist you through your grieving process. We will explore what is working for you and against you so you can navigate this time with self -compassion and confidence. You are not alone. You have more strength and resilience and self- love than you realize.

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